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Gay Walley

If you came to this site, you must want to write. It is one of the world’s most pleasurable – and challenging – activities. Never boring. Instructive about who you really are. There is nothing like creating a work of art. I have worked with writers for years – on memoirs, novels, non-fiction books, short stories, theses.

It is my charter and job to help you get to your best voice and most compelling narrative – and create a work you can be proud of.  I believe writing is all about getting it out and then refining and deepening your work. I can teach you the craft to achieve life and depth on the page.

For more information on upcoming online classes, in person workshops, and seminars on writers and literature please contact : gaywalley@earthlink.net


Love, Genius and A Walk

“Love Genius and a Walk..is a remarkable play with transcendent hues and delicious harmonic tones.”
Theatre Reviews Limited

“An artist’s love is probably one of the most favorite themes of all time and playwright Gay Walley undoubtedly succeeds in exploring it in her play, with a combination of memorable quotes, relatable characters and emotional acting.” 
Review Fix, Ekaterina Lalo


Paris Book Festival

Gay’s novels Strings Attached  and The Erotic Fire of the Unattainable were recently selected as finalists in the 2013 Paris Book Festival.


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