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Gay Walley

An old fashioned concept: Depth

I am inspired to write about this today because I just finished 3 books that knocked me out. One was WINTER by Christopher Nicholson, an imagination of Thomas Hardy at 84 and his wife’s jealousy when Hardy seemingly gets a crush on a young actress. What the book is really about is how a writer… Continue Reading »

Why a ghostwriter and how to pick one?

There is no question that with self-publishing getting cheaper and Amazon able to sell any book, more and more people see themselves writing books. In many businesses, people brand themselves with a book – this is our philosophy and what we offer – told in a narrative voice. There are a million stories in the… Continue Reading »

The writer’s life

I just read EDITOR OF GENIUS about Maxwell Perkins who took a chance on and edited Tom Wolfe, Fitzgerald, Hemingway and a host of other writers. In this excellent book, one really gets close to these geniuses’ lives and their processes. You see how much failure they had in terms of financial success (Gatsby hardly… Continue Reading »

Competitive feelings among friends who write

This is a topic most people don’t talk about but I have noticed that we writers have an enormous “will to power, ” no matter what we tell ourselves or others. And so, when our sister in law or best friend decides to take it up after you’ve been toiling at it for a long… Continue Reading »

Ten traits of real writers

Having worked with many writers and knowing many writers, i feel i can make this list with some feeling of knowledge. Practically everywhere I go, someone is about to write a book. They live through a life experience and therefore they are going to write a book. It matters little to them that the only… Continue Reading »

Five things that came up in a day of coaching

One thing about coaching writing, and maybe one of the many reasons i love it, is that no one day is the same as the next. Of course it can’t be. Each writer is unique and each work of art is unique so each challenge is unique. So I’ll take a day in the life… Continue Reading »

When you’re not sure what you’re writing about….

As I write this, I am spending the day going over a novel that I am writing where I have not had a real clue about the narrative. Just one character’s situation fascinated me. The rest is like walking to Montana from New York without a roadmap.  I have been patient with myself, writing each… Continue Reading »

Selling your novel

  Once you have heard what your advocates think and you have written another draft, you are ready to show your book to agents. If your friends know someone, go to that person. A personal contact is marvelous. If you do not have contacts, go online and find out the agents who represent and are… Continue Reading »

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