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Gay Walley

Cogitating a new work

It’s part of our process to finish what we’ve been working on. I know right now, my projects are in window dressing phases. Some editing here, mailing out there. And so my mind is thinking….What next? I need to be involved in a work or I feel a bit off kilter. So how do we prepare for what is next? We listen to music. We walk. We think about what has flitted around our minds for years… “This would be a good story.” Or we think about something that is obsessing us now, some new revelation, some change within ourselves. Is there a story there? we ask. We make notes. We go for a drive. Even when we think we are not thinking about it, we’re thinking about it. It’s going on. The new person we just met. Why did we meet them? Is there a story burgeoning here? Everything is fodder and we keep our eye at attention. We look deeply. It may just be the way the sun is falling on the trees. Or the dog we see on the street. What sets our mind sailing. Stay open. Stay open. Stay open. And voila, when you sit down to work, an idea may present itself insistently and you will think, How did that get here? Well, you’ve been working on it all along.