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Gay Walley

how your writing will tell you your future

I am just editing a novel I have just written which I began maybe a year ago or more. And, strangely, I see my subconscious knew things that I was unwilling to face at that time. As if in the writing, I was trying out the thoughts. Ascribing them to other characters and then living the experience through them. As I read my characters’ adventures, I see they were foretelling events I need to live through. I have noticed this before. In other books. I have run into the fictitious person I was writing about. That person would appear! It is odd and I feel a little dubious putting this down in print (please don’t send people in white coats for me) but I often tell my students, Let your subconscious pick the scene to start. Your subconscious KNOWS. The fact is, it does. What we have to say or work out, is right there, not buried that deep. We may not “talk it,” but we will, if we write from the heart, write it. As Forster said, Only connect! Go into your deepest place and write. Don’t care if it makes sense or if it is what you thought you wanted to write. Just go there. You will encounter immeasurable creative gits.