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i wonder about blogging

i get that maybe you, the viewer to my site, can get some sense of me through reading the blogs. At least I hope you do. But, otherwise, what are the points of blogs? Everyone is writing them now, a way I guess to have one’s thoughts count in the enormous font of information that one can read on the net.
I have to confess I don’t read them myself. They don’t have the depth of a book. They seem to be a sort of preening … and, in some ways, i am in principle against the superficiality of 3 paragraphs — and yet who really wants to read yet more of someone’s “opines”?
I wonder what blogging will evolve into. I know…people tweet and many love those. I think that may get dull, too. Then what? Guess what I think it will be? The real stuff again.Art. The pensees will have to be stylized. The gold that comes up from the dross will be honed, burnished. There will be real nuggets that are unusual. Nuggets that inspire us. Through their beauty or wisdom, like poetry or great writing. The center will hold. And at the end will be the beginning. All these venues that are getting overcrowded will create a demand for the real thing. That is what I believe!

  • http://twitter.com/gillismedia Thomas Gillis

    Lets Hope so – great post makes total sense to me !!