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Gay Walley

Location, location, location

One of the main characters in your book is location. Yes there are post modern books where no one knows where the scenes are located but then the location-lessness is part of the story, a character itself in the book. So “place,” however one defines it, is entirely important. I remember one time I was… Continue Reading »

What should you write about?

  “I look on my life as raw material for my novels: that’s just the way I am, and it frees me from inhibitions.” Imre Kertesz, Dossier K   How do you choose your subject? “Like a gambler. I like playing for big stakes, and I am quite ready to lose it all at any… Continue Reading »

Cogitating a new work

It’s part of our process to finish what we’ve been working on. I know right now, my projects are in window dressing phases. Some editing here, mailing out there. And so my mind is thinking….What next? I need to be involved in a work or I feel a bit off kilter. So how do we… Continue Reading »

That “in between” stage before you get an idea

I have recently completed quite a few different works and now am ready to dive into something new. I do not know what that something new will be. The subject has not grabbed me yet. I have a few ideas rumbling around but none I have committed to. I am “feeling” them out. I need… Continue Reading »

When you’re too busy to write

First of all, I don’t really believe in being too busy to write except in rare occasions. An illness. A launch. Six jobs. A family event. But normally we can find SOME time for our work. As I have often said, stay in the story. You don’t have to put hours in each day, just… Continue Reading »

Scenes are not good between lovers, but needed in stories

I am just reading a work by someone who has written what could be a (terrifying) but good story, but what is missing are scenes between people. We all have a tendency (myself included) to want to tell the story, rather than show. it’s an old saw in writing schools, Show don’t tell. And, as… Continue Reading »

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