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Gay Walley

Is writing athletic?

Yes. You’ll notice that it is hard to write well when you are tired. You need a tremendous amount of energy to create, to go deep into yourself and source your material. You need a tremendous amount of energy for images, for intuitive connections. You need a tremendous amount of energy to concentrate like that…. Continue Reading »

To feeding yourself as a writer

There are a few lessons to keep in mind. You have to throw off the table perfectionism and control. They’re relatives of each other. Perfectionism comes out of the inner controlling “mother” or reasonable facsimile saying, This isn’t good enough. Of course, it isn’t. Making art is messy, flawed, disappointing and one of the great… Continue Reading »

Plot lines

Some people have a flair for plot. They know just what to do next. Others, like me, have difficulty with it. Plot presupposes some artificiality and there are some authors who find that off-putting. We have to get over it. Yes, yes, Beckett didn’t get over it. Joyce didn’t have an amazing plot. The more… Continue Reading »

First of the year – first sentences

I came kicking and screaming. I mean to writing a blog. “I came kicking and screaming” is not a first sentence of an erotic novel. But it does make me reflect this January 1 on opening lines to stories and novels. Writers often forget how (*&^ important they are. I would venture to say agents… Continue Reading »

Welcome To Our New Website!

NYC Writing Coach has launched a brand new site! We’ll be posting regular blog updates here, so check back soon.

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