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Gay Walley

Sometimes all your creative projects will come together

Tomorrow night I have a play opening in a festival. My agent has a new novel of mine and she is about to sell it. I am currently struggling through a film script based on one of my books with the help of a director. This is not to boast because none of these have translated, as of yet, into dollars and, from my viewpoint, I can see many flaws in each of the works …but what I am trying to impart is that sometimes your own writing career takes on a life of its own. And what is your part? You don’t let naysayers get to you. You experiment. You say yes to projects, to challenges. You stay immensely creative and be willing to fail. You ride a lot of creative horses and not know which or if any will come in. You just BE creative. I do not know which of these projects, if any, will be successful but I can tell you I worked long and hard on all of them, gave myself fully, and took risks all the time. I took creative input from my directors, my agent, and I will take creative input from anyone else along the way who has something valuable to say or a comment that resonates. I tried new endings. I cut 1/4 of the play in one day and you’d never know it on stage. In other words, my focus has been on work. And that has been the pleasure. Can I make something? I once had a boyfriend who said, “You have to outlast your critics,” and I think that includes one’s own internal critics. I guess I am saying, staying power is everything and the rest is up to fate. But we have to give something to fate to work with….
So keep on writing and experiment, experiment, experiment.