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Gay Walley

Ten traits of real writers

Having worked with many writers and knowing many writers, i feel i can make this list with some feeling of knowledge. Practically everywhere I go, someone is about to write a book. They live through a life experience and therefore they are going to write a book. It matters little to them that the only thing they have written are long letters or emails. They feel sure they have a book in them. And maybe they do. But they really only do if:

1. They are willing to go over their material constantly.
2. If they are willing to go through a period of learning how to write.
3. If they don’t confuse a flair for talking as a flair for writing. They are different art forms and someone who is articulate may not be as original on the page.
4. They read non stop and they read real literature and they know the difference.
5. Writing is more than just getting something off their chest, but it is wanting to live in story and knowing that who we are is not who writes, but a persona writes, and being willing to be in the artfulness of the persona.
6. If getting published is the last thing on their mind as they write.
7. They intuitively know that language must be original.
8. That it is the most important thing to them.
9. They don’t confuse a desire for independence and a feeling of dissatisfaction with a talent for writing.
10. That the same traits they put into being successful in the rest of their lives they are now willing to put into their writing.