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Gay Walley

That “in between” stage before you get an idea

I have recently completed quite a few different works and now am ready to dive into something new. I do not know what that something new will be. The subject has not grabbed me yet. I have a few ideas rumbling around but none I have committed to. I am “feeling” them out. I need more information on the subject matters before I start drafting my thoughts. But what I am talking about is being in that place where I am neither here nor there with a work. I feel lonely, slightly depressed. I am a little confused with my time. I fritter. I feel guilty. I feel, what if it never happens again? — this while knowing it will.
We all have this stage. It’s not comfortable really. It’s like being untethered. But I know that the pressure will build, soon an idea will insist on itself, and soon I will begin trying it out, looking at it this way and that way, begin writing some opening lines, and if they are right, then write some more till I am “hooked.” This is the process. Today I speak of that in between stage and say, it is just that — being in between. Think about your ideas. Ponder. Ponder some more. Soon something will just create enough excitement for you to begin.