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Gay Walley

the life of your work is long

We all live in an instantaneous society now and have little patience for the art of patience. But books are about patience. It takes patience to write them. It takes patience to understand what you are writing about. It takes patience to endlessly go over them.

Then it takes patience to figure out how sell it. Do you go to an agent? God knows that takes patience. Then there is waiting for an editor to buy it. Or should you self publish that seems quicker but then there is the book preparation, the endless proofing.

And then there is finding your audience. I published a book in 2007 and today I received 2 notes about it. When it came out, the publisher (and I) could not have done a worse job of publicizing it, and she said, Don’t worry, it’s time will come. Lately it’s selling more. There may be a movie of it. In 2007, I thought, Who will ever see this?

I say this to show you, we really don’t know the life of a book. Some books get discovered long after they came out. (Richard Yates is an example of this. There are many others.) Some books are the rage and then forgotten as quickly as popcorn (usually a great publicist or the person is already in the news.)

I write this blog today to encourage you to keep working, keep believing, keep going. Your ship may be enroute, even if you can’t yet see it on the horizon.