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Gay Walley

We each have a story that no one else has

This has become so clear to me because when I think of all my students, all the different stories, never have there been two remotely alike. Never do I really encounter a similar style. Never have I seen the same narrative. That is remarkable since each of my days for more than ten years have been reading someone’s story. What does this tell us?
That nobody can say to themselves, “Oh I have nothing to say.” “Oh this has been done before.” “Oh I don’t have a unique vision.”
What really is going on is “No I don’t have courage to try.” Once one does, given one has some talent and flair for writing, there is a wave to travel on and that wave is your emotions, your insights, your passion, your special obsession.
It is true one cannot teach a talent and flair for writing, but one can get rid of bad habits. And you wouldn’t be even reading this, if you had no passion of some sort of writing.
So this little blog is only to tell you that what is inside you is yours and if you are to manifest it, it will stand proudly as its own work of art or vision and enlighten someone else’s day. That’s not half bad!