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Gay Walley

When you’re too busy to write

First of all, I don’t really believe in being too busy to write except in rare occasions. An illness. A launch. Six jobs. A family event. But normally we can find SOME time for our work. As I have often said, stay in the story. You don’t have to put hours in each day, just a little and the story will build.
But there is another type of hiatus that might FEEL like being too busy but actually you are cogitating. What will you write next? You’ve had a few ideas… they keep jiggering your mind. But maybe there is something else…something else that is running around your psyche that needs to be written. Maybe that is why there is a hesitation. Therefore this “break” which may be a SHORT, i hope, could be a time for you to study what you are going to do next either in what you are writing or what you will write next.
Always, always be kind to yourself. Your process is your process. (That said, stay focused.) But if there is a small period of time that you use “busyness” for as an excuse, maybe you are, in your unconscious, figuring out what is next. That is very very important too.