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Gay Walley

Coaching One-On-One

Why work with a coach?

A coach keeps you going, draws your own material out of you, and teaches you craft.

What’s different about me as a coach?

I work psychologically, opening you up to your own material. I’m non-judgmental and encouraging. I find your inner artist and get your best work out of you by nurturing it and you. I get you all the way there, helping you make your dream of a book a reality.

What types of projects do I coach?

Memoirs, novels, non-fiction, book proposals, and graduate dissertations. A sub specialty is working with high school or older students who are blocked in their writing at school. Using a psychologically sensitive approach has helped many students graduate where they otherwise would not have.

How do we do it?

I offer four options:

  • Coaching one-on-one
  • Writing workshops
  • Online Classes
  • Seminars on writers and literature


Typically we meet every week or two weeks as your pages build. In person, on the phone, Skype, online classes, or seminars.


I go over your pages and help you improve each aspect — dialogue, pacing, character development, scene building. I work with you till you finish your book, reading drafts and getting it right, and then helping you find agents and publishers, if that is what you want.


Many of my students publish. Almost all, if serious, find agents.


I will refer you to the right agents for your type of book.

Don’t live in NYC?

As stated, I also coach by email and phone and offer online classes.

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