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Gay Walley


Write gaywalley@earthlink.net if you would like to be part of the following seminars:

1. Men who love women the wrong way but the write way:

Come to a seminar in the east village:

You are invited to a seminar on April 28 on these writers who invented their own style out of their preoccupation with women. Maybe not how Gloria Steinem would like it to be but they write of passion and men’s need for women. How we are all fools for love. Explore five male writers and how they write brilliantly of how idiotically, while being passionate, they regard women.  Charles Bukowski, Henry Miller and 3 others will be discussed.

From 7:30 – 9 $40/session.

2. Great female writers who told the truth:

Grete Weil
Jean Rhys
Marguerite Duras
Nina Barbarova
Paula Fox

From around the world, these iconic female writers wrote about their times and their loves unflinchingly. Each were “natural writers,’ had their own sound, and the beauty of their voice was in the firmness of their own truths. Whether writing about men who done them wrong, or men they loved, or absentee parents, or the eternal loneliness of the ex-pat, these women add to the literature of feeling, originality and the power of honesty. Join a webinar working through these women’s work and bravery and inspire your own.

3. Aphorisms understand how we need wisdom delivered fast:

E.M. Cioran
David Markson
Frederich Nietzcshe
Oscar Wilde
Sufi poets
Gay Walley

These great writers wrote in nuggets. “The greatest beauty of humankind is frankness,’ wrote Diogenes. These writers impart wisdom in tweets before there was twitter. Enjoy this rush course in wisdom and in great writing combined. And take your mind on a marvelous journey of insight and growth. Meanwhile, most of that wisdom is delivered wittily. Unlock your own inner wise person and learn to write in this marvelous short form, by being inspired by the greats.

4. Some drinkers write about it brilliantly:

Frederick Exley
Malcolm Lowry
Richard Yates
Eugene O’Neil
Truman Capote

Explore how alcoholism and its effects are experienced in these seminal great works that use inventive language to explore desperation, dreams, and the “hopeless hope” (O’neil) that comes with a life lived or affected by booze.

5. How to write a difficult childhood into a novel:

Strings Attached
Lost in Montreal

Two of Gay Walley’s novels take an impossible childhood and as the critics wrote, “ …turns a difficult life into a configuration of wisdom and grace. “ We all want to redeem our childhoods, and turning it into a journey of growth and hard won wisdom is something most writers aspire to. Study these books and learn how you too can maintain a balance between delicacy and depth that will take the reader’s breath away.

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