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Do you need help with a


that you've been working on?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, then you need the guidance of Gay Walley, writing coach.

"Writing is all about getting it out and then refining and deepening your work. I can teach you how to achieve life and depth on your page."


An expert writing coach like Gay helps keep you going, draws your own material out of you, and gives you encouragement to write your best work. 

Gay has been helping people write their best work for years.


about gay walley

Gay Walley has been publishing short stories since 1988 and published her first novel in 1999.

Gay's psychologically sensitive approach opens you up to your own material. Her approach is non-judgmental and encouraging, helping you find your inner artist by nurturing your inner wisdom.  Gay gets you all the way there, helping you make your dream of writing a book a reality.


STRINGS ATTACHED with U Press of Mississippi (1999),-

Finalist for the Pirates Alley/Faulkner Award and Writer’s Voice Capricorn Award and Paris Book Festival.

THE EROTIC FIRE OF THE UNATTAINABLE, published by IML Publications (2007) was reissued by Skyhorse Publishing 2015,

Finalist for Paris Book Festival Award.

LOST IN MONTREAL   published by Incanto Press

A Film, THE UNATTAINABLE STORY, based on the book and written by Gay, was completed in May of 2016 starring Harry Hamlin and premiered at Mostra in Sao Paolo in Brazil.

Many of Gay’s students publish. To support her writing habit, Gay has written copy at such distinguished advertising firms as Lotus, Saatchi and Saatchi, and Ogilvy & Mather Direct.

Love, Genius and a Walk is a play that shows how art and marriage can make odd bedfellows.

Gustav Mahler, world-renowned composer and conductor, wants his wife to be his muse, but Alma desires the a closeness that he cannot give, he thinks, in order to get his work done. Mahler turns to the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud for guidance, and both men find that neither of them may be that clued up about women.

At the same time, a modern couple’s life mirrors Alma and Mahler’s except here she is the artist who works all the time and their conundrum is a commercially an oriented husband whose thoughts on art can be a touch confounding.

The two stories twist and turn through the quagmires of love and genius, much of it to the sweeping music of Mahler. Love, Genius and a Walk toured the UK in 2019, and was nominated for 6 prizes, included Best Play, at the Midtown Festival in New York. It now returns to London in new creative production by director Leah Townley.  

Learn more about how to work with Gay on your novel, memoir, non-fiction story, book proposal & graduate dissertation.