As your writing coach, I can assist you with memoirs, novels, non-fiction books, short stories, book proposals and graduate dissertations. My sub-specialty is working with high school and older students who are blocked with their writing at school.

ONE-on-one coaching

As your personal writing coach, I offer intensive, one-on-one guidance in all your writing projects. Please inquire below for more information.

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online coaching

We can work on your voice, narrative, dialogue and free you up into your most powerful writing. Please inquire below for more information on times and dates.

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Writing workshops are a way to enjoy the same skills at a somewhat lower cost, and to interact with other budding writers. A typical workshop lasts two hours, and is held in New York City. Writers bring in 10 pages of their work, read them and the students and I comment on their strengths and weaknesses. You’d be amazed to see how whatever is going on with your writing will show up in 10 pages! The good and the bad!   Also it’s fun to all work together, giving birth to books with others’ assistance and insight.


Bi-Weekly, Wed. 7–8.30, $40/class. Please inquire below for more information.

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